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However, it was redesignated the Model 1903 and would last just another year. In addition to the traditional metal claw and holes for adjustment these slings also had a metal button. It stated, in part, that the sling in question had been subject to “considerable criticism from expert shots” and that the sling’s “primary object” was ” to serve as a carrier for the musket” The report further mentions that there were experimental slings being devised to have as “a primary object the support of the gun in firing” In the end a Colonel Wright, from the Ohio National Guard, designed the Model 1907 sling.

The use of the gunsling to assure steady holding is rather unnatural and sometimes very uncomfortable at first, and must be practiced, always correctly, for about a week before it becomes comfortable and natural.” Charles G.

Finney fondly remembers the legacy of the young lieutenant in The Old China Hands, an account of his experiences as a private in the elite 15th Infantry during its deployment to China in the 1920s.

After these two agreements are made the rules go off in their own directions.

The international shooter’s rule deals with size, the sling may be no wider than 40mm (1.57 inches).

However, how much do we know about this omnipresent and essential, piece of shooting equipment?

After riffling through the pages of the various NRA Rule Books that govern the several rifle disciplines one finds that they agree on only two points concerning slings.

The centerfire version states that a sling “may be a strap or straps made of leather, webbing, or synthetic material, and hooks, buckles and keepers as necessary for attachment to the rifle and adjustment to the shooter.” When shooting in position competitors are informed that they do not have to attach the sling to the buttstock sling swivel in prone, sitting, or kneeling.