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The whole place was scrupulously clean and well maintained and many of the stalls were occupied.

There was a sort of cross-roads in the centre and, on the right was a barn which had been converted into an arena with seating around the edges to allow for show jumping competitions.

On the left was a spacious tack room and, next to it a staffroom.

It might even be fun to have a lad like you around the place. The girls, or rather their parents, pay a small fortune to have their ponies kept in stables that are always in tip-top condition, and thatre going to get.

Your job will be to ensure that the stables are clean and swept at all times and all the tack is to be equally clean and polished.

He was also shown the staff room with turned out to have an an attached bathroom and, to his surprise a bunk bed.

Jim wondered how busy he would have to be to consider staying overnight when his home was so close by.

Jim felt a rough towel being pushed into his hands and, as he wiped the water from his face he could finally see whom he was dealing with.

The woman in front of him, presumably Miss Worthing, was tall and slim and was dressed in a white blouse, jodhpurs, and riding boots.

You will treat them with respect at all times, and, as far as possible, avoid talking to them; you won Miss Worthing turned and led the way back into the stable complex.

There were indeed many changes since the Thompsons had run them.

She was definitely older than Jim but quite a bit younger than his mum, Jim guessed at somewhere in her thirties, and definitely good looking in a smart, stylish way but, more than all that, there was something about her, something about the air of self confidence, the way she hadnt even thought about apologising for soaking him, that marked her out as a woman not to be trifled with.