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Microphone interactive sex bot

Mostly focussing on human companionship rather than sex itself. Do you think the robots will ultimately replace the dolls? As robots are getting more intelligent and interactive, and coming into our homes, do you worry about the possibility of AI going too far?

If I were not involved in the making of this I would definitely be very, very curious about it, and it would be something that I would find appealing. My Real Doll factory, which makes the Real Dolls, is another 15 people. Yeah, there definitely are gender-specific traits and behaviours that you would expect.

It’s certainly not an effort that I can take credit for on my own. There are definite differences in the approach on the creation of them.

There will be those who do not like the idea of what you are doing, with regards to the sexual function of the robots. I think that focussing on that is probably short sighted, because ultimately the goal and purpose of this project is so much more than a simple sex device.

It could be looked at in much the same ay as you could look at a computer, and some people may use that computer to look at adult videos, but that does not mean that that’s all the computer is for.

So ultimately this is being designed to perform a multitude of tasks,. There are going to be aspects of both that will continue on their path.

I had seen mannequins and sculptures, and all of these things inspired me in different ways, but not of them were ever really posable.

When you look in a wax museum or things like that, it’s a very static display.

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