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Another listeners’ club partnered with a local school to organize discussions on gender and caste discrimination.

Since its launch, SSMK has doubled in length to one hour weekly, spawned a spin-off show focusing on careers, and spurred other media initiatives, including a quarterly magazine and a monthly regional youth magazine.

Inspired by SSMK’s success in Nepal, similar projects have been launched in Cambodia and Laos.

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The process started with the 1999 launch of a Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice and Skills (KAPS) survey of a representative sample of 1,400 Nepali teenagers throughout the country.

Findings indicated that Nepali youth had little or no access to reliable life skills information and there were few people with whom they could speak openly about their feelings and problems.

My end focus was ALWAYS on bettering my relationship with my partner.

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Here young Nepalis learn how to take care of themselves and each other.” The show receives some 1,200 to 1,400 letters per month; every one of them is answered, and four or five are carefully selected to address in each broadcast.

A thorough understanding of the audience has been a key to the success of SSMK and it came by way of two years of research, planning and training carried out by UNICEF Nepal.

“In Nepal it is hard to talk openly about sex and love,” said one Nepali youth in a letter to the show.