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Quickvisio room names

Although not strictly required, it is recommended that you uninstall any previous version of Visio before installing VEA.

Although Visio Professional allows you to create new logical database models and reverse engineer existing databases to logical database models, it does not allow you to forward engineer logical database models to physical database schemas.

The UML solution in Visio Professional supports UMLdiagramming and reverse engineering of program code to class diagrams but does not support forward engineering to code from class diagrams.

This process typically takes at least two hours, even on a well-configured computer.

By default, this installation install Visio for Enterprise Architects.

Visio Standard is a powerful, general-purpose drawing tool.

Visio Professional includes all the functionality of Visio standard and adds a logical database solution for working with databases, as well as a Unified Modeling Language (UML) solution for working with object-oriented software.

Visio for Enterprise Architects includes all the functionality of Visio Professional, as well as much more extensive modeling capabilities for both databases and software.